Thursday, 12 January 2012


Pretty obsessed with Salem's's dark as anything but there is light in there too.... like forget me knots growing on a new grave, or when snow falls on piles of rubbish and makes it look really pretty or people rising from the dead that you didn't want to Jack Nicholson's character in Easy Rider...i fancied him so hard in this film and he was all fucked up and a total alco but he was kinda scared and childlike too and impulsive and just so lost, anyway i was half in love with him when he got murdered and i kept hoping he was just unconscious and not really dead. I hated that they had smashed his lovely face in with a hammer and i really missed him for the rest of the film. I feel the same about the cat that got murdered in Girl with a Dragon tattoo that i watched last night...i really missed that cat a lot after it was gone :(

I'm Presuming this is the kinda soundtrack the world provides you with when your speeding car has veered off the edge of a cliff at night time and everything has slowed down and you can see the ocean shining underneath you cos the car's headlights are still on and you know you are definitely not going going to survive because beside you in the passenger seat the grim reaper is smiling at you and holding your hand and you realize that you're 100% cool with dying.


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