Monday, 18 June 2012


I am 10 years old and i'm kneeling in front of a shoe box. My pet rabbit is in it, he’s dead. It’s a shoe box from the high tops my mum got for me for free from her friend who worked for Puma….Puma was not cool when I was younger. I wanted Nike Air Jordans desperately. I remember feeling disappointed with the high tops I had and feeling sad that I felt dissappointed and actually maybe feeling bad that I didn’t love the shoes my mom had got me then feeling bad cos I loved my mom so much and I should have felt gratefull instead.

Anyway that’s why my rabbit was buried in a puma shoe box intsead of an air jordan box which I felt at the time would have been much better for him…you know like a really good coffin….a cool coffin.

So he’s in there and he looks like he’s sleeping and I’m feeling fucking distraught contemplating saying goodbye forever….and of course I’m crying and my nose is running and it's a terrible situation. I’ve taken a white face cloth from the hot press and tucked it around his little body like a blanket and i've put in some grass and a carrot for the journey to the next world which is obviously rabbit heaven cos my dad had told me our dog Banjo had gone to dog heaven when trying to stopper my 12th hour of crying and grief at the loss of him so I was naturally presuming there was a special heaven for each kind of animal somewhere they could all get on...etc

Now that I think about it that sucks cos I really hope if I ever end up in heaven all my pets are there….that would be amazing. Imagine being surrounded by all the pets you ever owned in your life when you got to heaven….that would be awesome.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Thank you Industrie Magazine for the interview, which you can read here and thanks to the very talented Linda Brownlee for taking my portrait.


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