Thursday, 18 October 2012


What can i say about this guy....he's one of the funniest people i know, he is one of my favourite photographers, he's incredibly talented and super modest. I love drinking beer with the man. Jacob and Simone Rocha are like two little peas in a pod, above are the pictures Jacob took backstage at Simone show this season....all beautiful hands and legs and tender skin and teeth.

We got to work together recently for Simone's muse piece for Purple magazine which involved me being naked in public spaces with Lillis catching it all on film....we eventually ended up in his local boozer drinking pints and eating peanuts, this is the picture that ended up on Purple's site. Jacob Lillis is so awesome i can't even put it into words really, which is great as i don't have to.... because he has a website.......


Simone Rocha's SS13 London fashion week show that i styled. This was the coolest most beautifully refined collection from little Rocha yet. Simone's references were inspired by her Dublin city childhood, the choreographer Pina Bausch among others and that symposium of memories as a teenager when you sleep all day, get stoned all night and lurk about the overgrown alleyways between your parents houses drinking vodka and orange juice and smoking malboro lights.

The SS13 invite above was photographed by Jacob Lillis where Simone grew up in Dublin, Ireland. There is something abobut the green in Ireland that's different...i dont just mean that there's loads of green i mean the hue. It's a special hue...i can always tell when a picture has been taken in irealnd because of the colour.

On the show, James Pecis worked magic with the effortlessly slept in bangs and ponytail and Shinobu Abe rounded our girls off with golden haze eyeliner and the glowiest youngest skin. Simone's awesome little brother Max did the soundtrack as usual which was perfect!

I dont need to say that Simone is going to be a mega star because now it's really obvious. christened her an incrementalist and wrote the following about the show which i felt really embodied Simone and the collection.....

There was something moving, frankly, about the model walking down the runway in a gold-toned dress of desiccated tweed; she had the vibe of a young woman off to her first fancy date, wearing unfamiliar grown-up clothes in a sweetly unfamiliar way. And thanks to Rocha's halolike headbands and her trademark Perspex-soled heels, that girl was pretty much walking on air. Ah, youth.'


Editorial I styled for Mixte magazine SS13 issue, shot by Carlotta Manaigo on the streets of Paris with the beautiful Othilia Simon.


Aquascutum FW13 Campaign is styled. Shot by big bear Ben Weller and produced by lovely Matthew Laskey at Spring Creative.


SS13 collection and lookbook i styled by Draw in Light shot by Ben Weller. Hawaiian Surfy Vibes.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Warehouse Campaign film i styled, shot and directed the film master Jacob Sutton starring my buddy Bruce the dawg and Anna Brewster.


It was so nice to work with the adorable Jamie from the XX for V- Man, i love this picture shot by Pierre Debuscherre who is super cool and incredibly talented.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


'I'll send you a love letter straight from my heart. Do you know what a love letter is? It's a bullet from a fuckin' gun, fucker. If you receive a love letter from me, you are fucked forever. Do you understand, fuck? I'll send you straight to Hell, fucker!'

Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet by David Lynch (poached this quote from my beautiful friend poppy's awesome blog )


Rihanna cover shoot i styled for Esquire with photographer Matt Irwin. Rihanna was cool, she looks like she's glowing all the time which is pretty lucky for her and fun for other people too. I just remember thinking that not one of my male friends would have been able to keep it together around her. She's probably the sexiest person i've ever met, funny and charming and even prettier in real life. It kinda felt like maybe she had the  ability to do awesome shit like the goddess Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean...controlling the ocean, storms and swallowing ships whole like they were olives in Dry Martini's.

"In the days of myth and legend, the beautiful Calypso, daughter of Atlas, ruled the wine-dark seas, and all sailors everywhere both loved and feared her."


Thursday, 11 October 2012


“The park grass looked greener, the park benches looked better and the flowers were trying harder.”
― Charles BukowskiHam on Rye

Goddaaaammmmm Bukowskiiiiiii........ Ham on Rye is a great book. Honest and dark, it broods and festers its way through Charles Bukowski's early years. I laughed a lot because he writes funny shit like this ......

“The dog approached again, cautiously. I found the bologna sandwich, ripped off a chunk, wiped the cheap watery mustard off, then placed it on the sidewalk.
The dog walked up to the bit of sandwich, put his nose to it, sniffed, then turned and walked off. This time he didn't look back. He accelerated down the street.
No wonder I had been depressed all my life. I wasn't getting proper nourishment. ” 
― Charles BukowskiHam on Rye

...and I cried my eyes out because in parts it was just heart breaking, Charles never got to go to the school dance instead google eyed and alone he is watching the beautiful young couples melting into each other on the dancefloor through the window. Upon which he is found by the campus  janitor and promptly told to fuck off. The reasons why Charles is not at the school dance are as follows....

1. he didnt want to go

2. no one would go with him 

3. he hates everyone 

So for some reason something about this scene connected with me because i started crying for the guy and it wasnt even regular crying it was different it was was actually hard to breathe properly after a minute or two.....and its bizarre because he was such an asshole to everyone but i knew he had the potential to be good.....there were eclipses of kindness....and ....i have a thing about potential in people.

Anyway it was just so unbelievably sad and desperate and unfair but i was still engaged with myself enough to know that the younger, ebullient, popular, athletic me would not have actually wanted to have to go to a dance with him and wear his wilting orchid on my wrist. I am aware that this older version of me would have probably fallen in love with him, believing he would love me back after he had hated me for a bit and i would understand him and he would soften, would become a sunflower...a rose....golden, he would blossom into something beautiful that all living things would adore and be drawn to like moths to a flame.

Pity is different to's not a feeling you want to hold or caress or kiss on the forehead, its more like one you want to put in a drawer you never use, so you never have to think about it again. EVER. Sad things are very hard to natural reaction to pity will probably make you hate yourself.