Thursday, 24 February 2011


Ashish AW11 show that I styled during london fashion week, probably my favourite ever collection of his, with the best moth eaten knitwear i've ever seen, the coolest sequin tartan punk trousers with knee and ankle zippers, skellington tracksuit bottoms...the most beautiful striped shirts inspired by m&s boxer shorts...holy knitted crop tops.....sequins that looked like wool blankets and herringbone that looked like mink fur....

We collaborated with classic English footwear company Underground England on the shoes, the high top creeper is houndstooth ponyhair and the black gold studded leather creeper comes with a bottle of tippex so you can customize your own shoes! We handpainted all of the ones in the show.

We made special cobweb knee tights inspired by punk elbow tattoos....

Added some lip piercings.....

And finally M.I.A did the never before heard soundstrack for the show which debuted on the catwalk! You can see the whole show here on

Black and White pictures by Nick Dorey specially for Twin.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Simone Rocha AW11 that I styled yesterday, i want the entire collection in my wardrobe, so beautiful and my new favourite model below Maddy Ford at Storm opened the show.

Casting by Sarah Murray and her assistant Lucy Quick, we love these women.

Hair by James Pecis
Make Up by Shinobu

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Really liked the cosiness and minky pink nudes at Wang F/W11.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Henry Holland S/S 11

I love henry, he's super cool and always really fun, i just got a sent a pair of his awesome fluffy green pom pom earrings and i love them too. THANK YOU HENRY.


My man harry is having his first solo show tomorrow evening at the Print House Gallery beside Cafe Otto in Dalston. He is smart and funny, he doesn't like the police or being told what to do, he's a street dawg, wise in his ways, he knows where to get a free meal if needs be and where to keep warm on a cold night, for the most part he likes treading the sidewalks listening to other peoples conversations and soaking up all the good lines like a human sponge.

Come along for cider and art from 6PM onwards..........

Friday, 4 February 2011


What is it about Casey Affleck? His movie roles so far have pretty much consisted of an array of cold blooded psychopathic killers, which i might add he plays with effortless aplomb. Pummelling/stabbing/suffocating his chosen victims to death with all the deceptive innocence of a velociraptor.

He hardly ever smiles and when he does your heart kinda breaks a little bit, it's like an excruciating pain that relieves for a moment and then the relief is so seductive you almost can't handle the pain anymore and it just makes it worse. I'm not one for celebrities or falling for people i have never met but there is something about him that makes me feel like maybe we were married in another life and lived in a trailer park with 7 kids a German Sheperd and a massive tank of tropical fish.