Saturday, 25 September 2010


The Preen Line S/S 11 collection that I styled during August with model Gwen Loos who is pale and beautiful as a winter rose.

We compared tans. Gwen was warm bedtime milk and I was chocolate Yazoo.

... we also all got involved in a spot of wafting for the blowy hair that features throughout the lookbook....which everyone took very seriously....especially me.

Photography by Nick Dorey who has become my beer can swilling, kerbside, kebab eating buddy, we are pavement lickers, lacking in grace and good manners.

Hair by Tracey Cant @ Premier
Make up By Lucy Burt @ Premier


The Ashish show that I styled during london fashion week was so much fun as always. It acid tripped it's way through the US of A, from native American indians, to cowgirls to gauchos to white trash pin ups followed closely on the heels by the trucker capped red neck kentucky fried chicken eatin' sorority.

The hats were custom made by Piers Atikinson and really put an a feathered cherry crown on top of all the looks. The whole collection was sent sashaying out to a plethora of bump n grind dry ride hip hop opening with Dominque young unique's filthy dirty 'Show my ass' and my new personal fav by Cazwell 'I saw Beyonce at Burger King' ...she ordered two cheeseburgers with onion rings.

Donna Loos and Daphne backstage.

My Mcdonalds n Beans boots.

I handpainted some of the tall cowboys boots for the show too, I liked these McDonalds beans/chips n coke ones the best. It was like art therapy class in between all the maddness of fashion week I got to sit on the floor of Ashish's studio painting and listening to sunday matinee film music.


Simone Rocha debuted as part of Fashion East during this London fashion week presenting an anthology of grown up sophisticated sexy tailoring. A mix of elegant contradictions all melded together seamlessly in one very beautiful and stand alone collection.

Styled by me alongside my good buddy James Pecis who coaxed a little bit of mondaine punk into our girls hair (casting was by the lean and lithe as a whippet Sarah Murray from Darling casting), coupled with make up by Shinobu Abe which was all 'Stella Tennant clean as a whistle skin' with a subtle sheer shiny pink eyelid.

Backstage shades of pink, a candy floss sheer tulle tee shirt and perspex Vegas neon pink tissue box clutch.

Simone backstage with model Cara Delavigne and the perspex cross clutch from her collection.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


John Rocha S/S 2011

Beautiful super cool show, I want these over the knee lace up boots worn by Katie Fogarty who opened the show yesterday!