Thursday, 13 October 2011


'No breath today, all is gone. She suffer like a dog in that age of lonelyness. I will be there for the light for the fire. Il Il will see in the deep soul in our romantic destiny. Maybe we can talk about her long hair the song of the silence God.'

Lara Stone in French Vogue by artist Marco Perego. The Tinkerbell asphyxiation obsession is pretty funny and the Virgin Mary getting an handful of lara's boob was always going to be a good idea. I guess the perversion of innocence is always fascinating and loving things that are 'wrong' will always be exciting. If there was a like button on this i would click it until it turned into a 'i want to sleep with you' button.


The film we made with Agyness on our Twin shoot, shot and directed by Ben Weller. Myself and Agyness did the audio, sat in a van on the side of a hill in the middle of a field with all the doors closed. The two of us trying not to laugh too much and get hysterical as you do in church. We were under fierce time pressure at this moment so it was an intense little session. The answers were so good sometimes i got goosebumps, i love the honesty of Agyness she's so open and is just not afraid to be herself on any level, strong or vulnerable. I love that.