Monday, 31 March 2014


....thats actually a one direction lyric.

I know this because i watched their film and as lacklustre as it was, spending 2 hours of my life that i will never get back watching a basket of puppies flopping about is not regrettable. Anyway i thought this was a great line cos its sweet and young but its also totally nailing the shit out of the love thing.

Without the hole it wouldn't be a polo and it wouldn't be special....the fact that it's missing something makes it kinda sad and so you're immediately empathic about the whole connected to it in some way.

I think the same goes for cute things like dolphins and pandas and other creatures with a helplessness about them. There is a cat on the internet called lil bub and he's not he's not okay in his brain, he also doesn't look okay, he has something like one million followers on twitter, he's been on tv shows. Everything he does is painfully cute because he cant do it right. He is intensely loved by very many people who have never even met him. The power of cuteness.....don't underestimate it.