Thursday, 29 April 2010


My good friend Andreas Laszlo Konrath takes beautiful pictures and makes the most perfectly formed zines you've ever seen. This month from the 6th May to the 18th June he has a solo exhibition 'So alone i keep the wolves at bay' in Exit gallery which is a siamese twin of Clare De Rouen bookshop. I asked Andreas some questions about his work and where his fancy name comes from, the full interview is going to be on the TWIN blog but here's a little of what he had to say for himself...

CC. You work with musicians quite a lot, what 5 songs would you choose to be played at your funeral from beginning to end?

ALK. That's the hardest question ever! You see, I don't know if you're supposed to play songs for yourself, because since you're dead, you can't hear them! Or are you meant to choose songs for the people at the funeral, to make them cry!?

Ok, firstly, I can't get it down to 5, but 7, and secondly I'll do one for me, one for them:

1. Fix Me - Black Flag
2. Cucurrucucu Paloma - Caetano Veloso
3. I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
4. Speed Trials - Elliott Smith
5. Party Hard - Andrew WK
6. Killing Moon - Echo and The Bunny Men
7. Watching the Wheels - John Lennon

Everyone should go and see this.....

Friday, 23 April 2010


Back home in Ireland most young kids go to the Gaeltact or Irish college in the Summer to get felt up for the first time and pretend to learn to speak our native language. I went to Colaiste na Rinn in County Waterford and fell madly in love with a 12 year old boy who had train tracks on his teeth, I would sit opposite him in the Ceile hall mesmerized by his mouth.

When we got together at the end of the first week, it was obviously one of those epic days when you're very young and you feel that god has parted the clouds with his own hands so the sun can choose you in particular to shine down upon.

I thought he was the most perfect thing i'd ever laid eyes on. I've never quite got over the whole train tracks predilection. It still turns me on even though that's kinda wrong cos most people who have braces are like fourteen years old.

This beautiful girl from has train tracks. Hot

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Richardson magazine is the brainchild of the fashion stylist Andrew Richardson. It's sexy - like Mark Whalberg says in Boogie Nights. I could watch this slideshow forever.......


Natasha Poly in Vogue Paris May 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010


Abbie, Phil and Willy hops on the cover of Todd's new book

The Altar of Todd. The Selby window at Barneys NYC.

Todd's little face lits up with joy at the sight of his very own Barneys window.

He even had his own custom Selby/Barneys bag.

What can i say about my good buddy Todds universe but that it seems to be expanding at the same rate that the polar ice caps are melting. He is a man obsessed with himself and other people. In his recent video he said he had a motto borrowed from rapper Lil Wayne who is one of my personal favourites and that was 'Eveyday I'm hustlin'. I believe that every day Todd Selby is hustlin' and that is how he has built this vast Empire of Selby-ness, i also believe that this is just the beginning and he still has a solar system and maybe some planets of fire and ice to add to the magical manifestation that is Todd World.

Thanks to my mate illustrator and painter Fanny B for the photo
Check out Fannys mega illustrations and see more pictures of the night here

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Hiya NYC.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Young Simone Rocha is the bomb and one of my best mates, hot out of the St.Martins Fashion MA oven like a freshly baked monochrome cupcake. Her collection is a super beautiful assemblage of deconstructed meticulous tailoring, romanticised with frothy tulle and wire headpieces. It's got all the understated sex appeal and sophistication of a seriously talented young designer. Her MA collection lookbook above was styled by me and shot by another member of the Celtic Mafia Boo George.

Here she is as one of our muses in a shoot by Mel Bles for Issue 1 of Twin.

Check the kid out, she's gonna be a whole Orions belt of stars.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


'Can a woman get pregnant by a dog?'

...this quote of the week came courtesy of a male friend who actually said this in real life on sunday at the pub.

Monday, 5 April 2010