Thursday, 18 October 2012


Simone Rocha's SS13 London fashion week show that i styled. This was the coolest most beautifully refined collection from little Rocha yet. Simone's references were inspired by her Dublin city childhood, the choreographer Pina Bausch among others and that symposium of memories as a teenager when you sleep all day, get stoned all night and lurk about the overgrown alleyways between your parents houses drinking vodka and orange juice and smoking malboro lights.

The SS13 invite above was photographed by Jacob Lillis where Simone grew up in Dublin, Ireland. There is something abobut the green in Ireland that's different...i dont just mean that there's loads of green i mean the hue. It's a special hue...i can always tell when a picture has been taken in irealnd because of the colour.

On the show, James Pecis worked magic with the effortlessly slept in bangs and ponytail and Shinobu Abe rounded our girls off with golden haze eyeliner and the glowiest youngest skin. Simone's awesome little brother Max did the soundtrack as usual which was perfect!

I dont need to say that Simone is going to be a mega star because now it's really obvious. christened her an incrementalist and wrote the following about the show which i felt really embodied Simone and the collection.....

There was something moving, frankly, about the model walking down the runway in a gold-toned dress of desiccated tweed; she had the vibe of a young woman off to her first fancy date, wearing unfamiliar grown-up clothes in a sweetly unfamiliar way. And thanks to Rocha's halolike headbands and her trademark Perspex-soled heels, that girl was pretty much walking on air. Ah, youth.'

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