Friday, 6 January 2012


So my massive love in with Ireland continues, it reminds me a little of when my mom used to brush our very long hair as kids and she would put your face in between her boobs and brush all the knots and tangles out, it was extremely comforting and quite a lovely experience considering there was a certain degree of pain involved.

Banba is the ancient name for Ireland (pronounced bahn-va), she was a daughter of the Tuatha De Dannann and the patron Goddess of Ireland. It's a good name for a kid i reckon except it sounds a bit like Bambi...which is also a cool name for a kid...god love my babies....poor Banba and island in the middle of the Atlantic and a fawn with wobbly legs and a speech impediment.

I went to the Cliffs of Moher above on New years day with the Lahinch family all of whom i love deeply (see Lahinch vibez) and it was wild up there, dark and stormy....with the winter sun coming through the clouds and sea spray making everything look dreamy, there was even an upside down waterfall. I'm thinking if you dipped your hand into that it would burst into the flames of beezlebub like a heathen stepping onto holy ground.

We rang the new year in together..all twenty of us..on the steps to the beach surrounded by the high foamy tide and the wind howling around us like a murder of banshees. One of the most memorable and wonderful nye's i can ever remember. Ireland i love you madly.

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