Tuesday, 7 June 2011


So my awesome buddy Joe who is the creater of Duffy Jewellery is known as 'Little joe'. Now Little Joe is actually a 6ft 5 muscle bound beanpole heartbreaker of a man but because he has two older brothers he's been called 'little' since he was a nipper, it's very confusing because now he is massive. Anyway Joe is a very talented artist and Jeweller and his new shop is opening up on Thursday 15th June on Redchurch street next week.

Look how sexy Joe's new shop is, all dark and moody. I was with him when we found that turtle there on the wall. I am still jealous of it. I wish it was mine.

It's not just a shop debut, it will also showcase his new collection 'Memories of Innocence'.Be there or be Square.

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