Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Kid, you're destined for stardom, big city, bright lights, you'll probably never even remember that you used to draw all over the family pet when you're famous and the whole world is at your feet and you're like King Midas and everything you touch turns to gold. When in doubt you'll just get your crayolas out.

As a kid i was obsessed with drawing, i drew on everything, i would draw all over the walls of my aunties and uncles houses, all over their flocked wallpaper.... as well as my parents walls at home. I was crafty back then, I would draw under picture frames and under the hanging photo's of all of us kids in our school uniforms. 

One day as i was having a particularly good time scribbling sweet nothings with a blue marker in the gap between the grandfather clock and the stairs, my dad caught me red handed and let out a roar 'to stop drawing all over the fucking walls'.

I got such a fright i laid off the wall drawing for ages but i got itchy about it, fingers got twitchy and so one balmy summers evening i climbed up on top of the 6ft high wardrobe in my bedroom and drew all over the ceiling. My mum walked into the room clocked me mid doodle and was like "Jesus Christ I cannot believe this Celestine, i'm getting your father'. My response was 'this is not a wall' whereupon the old animal instincts and i jumped off the top of the wardrobe and  knocked myself clean unconscious.

The next thing i remember is my dad holding up 3 fingers and saying how many fingers am i holding up Celestine?' and me saying 'oh for gods sake...6 fingers, i can see 6, is this a dream?'

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