Thursday, 24 June 2010


This is one of my assistants Cecilia, since we both have names beginning and ending with the letter C, she is known as little cc. She is also Irish and so she understands it when i pray to Saint Anthony to help me find things i've lost, why i put excessive amounts of kerrygold butter on everything and why i feel funny about putting a dunce cap on Jesus.

Little cc is quite the phenomenon, she's an awesome flower arranger, has the most impeccable taste, probably knows more about fashion than most editors and she just turned 18, so she's only a babby.

Her blog is beautiful check it out

She even gives cake recipes in here too. I sometimes feel like Little cc was a gift to me from the world when i needed her most. She walked into my garden quite early on and told me i needed to take better care of my plants, she gazed upon my bloomless camelia with a sad face like it were a featherless budgie in pet shop and said it wasn't flowering cos the pot was too small. Thanks world for sending me little cc, she is awesome.

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