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Bare Bones is a free quarterly zine filled with general irreverance, taboo, boobies and blasphemy, it's independently published by the artists themselves which would explain some of the gloriously un-edited stuff you find in it. I have written before about BB and mentioned that if Bare Bones was a person it would be a criminal and in prison. Bare Bones Da however, Harry Malt commented on this saying it wouldn't be in prison cos it would have broken out. This is Harry below doing biniss on da phone

Whatever way you look at it Bare Bones is definitely electronically tagged and probably has an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet like Lindsey Lohan and all the other fun people in Hollywood.

Which is good cos on the 29th of June Bare Bones is going to NYC and having a launch party at Envoy Enterprises Gallery, 131 Chrystie Street complete with a glass eating punk band to get everyone dancing in fear and joy.

So on the cusp of this great American introduction I interviewed the proud Bare Bones daddy Harry Malt here about his delinquent son......

Where did the name Bare Bones come from?

It came from the red wine fuelled brain of the wonderful bastard Neal Fox.
The type was forged by Luke Frost of Heretic Print Studio.
It is the perfect summation of what we do, we're stripped back, efficient, fast as fuck and enjoying it.

If Bare Bones was a person (dead or alive) who would they be?

BB is us.

Describe what Bare Bones stands for in 5 words?

Our Friends
Good times
Fuck You

If Bare Bones was to have a soundtrack to its life going from its

Any song by Crass getting it off the ground

Hello Old Friend, East Coast Novas.

3 producing the first issue

Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes, I Do, Captain Beefheart.

4. your first show

Pink Frost, The Chills.

5. its imminent arrival in NYC

Fuck You, Pay Me. ARE Weapons

If Bare Bones was on Death Row what would he/she (depending on above answer to question 2) what would the death row meal be? Starter, main course, desert and drink


Oysters & Champagne


Cheese & Crisp Sandwiches




Gallons of Sancerre will do.

If there was to be a Bare Bones celebratory dinner what special guests (dead or alive) would you invite and what band would you get to perform at the party?

For a nice quiet sit down it'd have to be;

Shane MacGowan
Jonny Ramone
GG Allin
The Rubbish Men
Jay Adams
Captain Beefheart
Sebastian Horsley
Stephanie Seymore
Alex Higgins
Lara Stone (not her husband)
Joan Jett



What artists would you like to have contribute to Bare Bones 4?

I'd like to see work from people from all over the world.
Unknowns, vagabonds, people doing their own thing.
For love n lust, y'know.

What are Bare Bones dreams for the future?

Just to keep on keeping on, maybe get a sponsor or some sympathetic rich old lady.

A permanent space to use for shows etc

Editions set up in different cities, all publishing on the same day, a global free press, a resource for art and artists for art sake.

Have fun.

If youre in NYC on the 29th June go to the opening it will be sexy mayhem and you'll get to meet all the funny attractive people involved, here's the invite above, click on it to make it big if you have bad eyesight and can't read it here....Check out the whole issue of BARE BONES 3 in motion on the website here

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