Friday, 19 July 2013


I recently bought a camera from a very good friend of mine Jacob Lillis....i have written about him quite a lot because he is really funny and his photographs are beautiful.

Anyway i took 3 rolls of film with me to upstate New York for the 4th July...i got one back that was blank because i didn't wind it on...and out of the other 2 rolls i got 5 good pictures...

This one was taken in the dark when we were all looking at the stars at the bottom of the garden. I swear the stars upstate are bigger and brighter and just more!

The thing is I've had the camera for months...but couldn't quite bring myself to take any pictures. It's the same with making my first film...i'm scared of that too.....its takes a very long to time to stop being scared of's like jumping off a bridge into a either do it straight away or you mince about for hours doing fuck all. In the case of bigger things its more like weeks and months than hours though.

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