Friday, 21 June 2013


So if you can imagine each person is an island.... the middle of the ocean....

..and each one is packed with coconuts and palm trees and some of them have meerkats on them (ie..these are human pets, they are only allowed be on the islands because they have the capacity to love unconditionally like dogs).

So there you are on your island and the ocean is lapping all the way around it and it's a peaceful beautiful place but sometimes as with all places of paradise there are storms and things get blown away and broken up and some things even get drowned.

...and every once in a while a turtle (another human) will swim out of the sea and they will hang out on your island laying around on the sand getting all hot. Then maybe (and not always) that turtle will lay a few eggs and then they will go away and one night not long after that, by the light of a full moon the eggs hatch out and those guys they just swim straight into the sea.

...and no matter what you think about life and love that's just the way it goes and you come into this world alone and you will leave it alone and all of the misconceptions that you're not alone in the middle part...well they are just illusions (and if your island is tropical and hot they could also be called mirages).

That's why we invented god and jesus to stop us being so scared all the time. So we created a guy that is....

2.controls everything (including the weather)
3. loves you unconditionally even if you kill other people
4. can cure sick people
5. can make sure you get into heaven

Jesus is a comfort blanket that you have had since you were born.... you love how it smells and it helps you to sleep and it feels good on your face but it's like you can't get rid of it and if you actually tried to then you would probably just get struck by the greatest most earth shattering fork of pure lightening from the sky and fall down dead right on top of that little bit of charred earth and that would be that. That's what the fear of god feels like.

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