Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Latest cover of HERO magazine by Hedi Slimane, so awesome....not just because i grew up riding horses and being a cowboy was my all time greatest childhood dream.

Watching spaghetti westerns beside the fire as a kid....cheeks on fire......burning up with sunsets and buffalo stampedes and open plains and cactuses and tumble weeds and prairies with long grass that sound like the wind would sound, if the wind had a noise of it's own.

..and then some indians...some danger, bows and arrows and near death experiences and vultures hopping over the cracked earth like great creepy feathered old men........ then of course the galloping free and open through the land and connected to it....maybe some electrical storms...a few lightening rods flung down by Thor from the heavens just to remind us of how small we really are. Then the dawns that rise like a great flaming phoenix over the canyons to soothe the wet cold right out of your body.....and a sunrise that lifts you up by the scruff of your neck right out of the saddle and sets you back down gently like a kitten at the next watering hole.

Clint Eastwood....the ultimate cowboy with a baby armadillo.....A FREAKING BABY ARMADILLO!!!!!!!! So cool. A boy i know told me that Spaghetti Westerns are so called because they were filmed in Italy!!!! I never knew that and I'm crazy about Westerns. I think if he could wear a poncho everyday and ride a horse to work in Soho he would. Clint Eastwood is his hero.

These two young dudes were photographed by Mary Ellen Mark....when i was riding my pony as a kid and jumping over the benches in my local park i imagined i was as cool as this chick on the left and the guy on the right was my boyfriend and we just rode around all day jumping shit and being awesome....and eating beans and watching the sun go down and falling asleep beside each other on potato sacks with our boots still on.

2nd picture is by Cass Bird.

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