Friday, 1 March 2013


Sooooo while i'm on a bit of a religious slam dunk. I'm really into Cheesestrings at the minute. I was eating them with my buddy Sam the other day and he stated that they don't taste of anything...this is 100%true.

Anyway it reminded me that when we were kids, my brothers and i would tear up easy singles processed cheese squares and pretend that they were the holy one of us would be the priest and the others had to queue up like you do in church and then a bit of cheese would be put in our upturned palms and the priest would say body of christ and you would say amen, bless yourself and eat it and go join the back of the queue...and so on until we had probably eaten like 15 slices or something.

Somehow making that processed cheese square into holy communion made it way more exciting.....juuusssstttt like cheese strings...being all stringy etc...and that's just the thing it's not even about it being delicious... its the experience of eating it, thats what's so cool.

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Sarah-Anne Kennedy said...

Myself and my sister used to do that too! Although we did it with white sliced pan ripped up and squashed between our sweaty palms. Our mam caught us once and scolded us for 'blaspheming'. I remember thinking jeez, chill out. We're just playing mass! Didn't dare say it or I would have got a smack on the bum with the wooden spoon. Oh Irish mammies!