Saturday, 14 May 2011


Rodarte Feature I worked on for Twin IV with photographer Ben Toms, lots of birds including the beautiful and cool Sara Blomqvist. It was a great day we got to meet all of the feathered beauties here and at the ned of the day we all got to hold the eagle who was about the same weight as a can of stella, you would have thought he weighed a tonne but i guess that's where the saying 'light as a feather'  comes from. Raj, the little grumpy looking one with the orange eyes almost had a part on harry Potter, he was trained to turn the pages on a book for the film so he's the mini celeb with buckets of attitude there at the sanctuary, he won many hearts this day. Among other highlights i was transfixed by the sight of Elsa the owl mercilessly chowing down on a (pre-dead) baby chick. Fascinating and barbaric (they are predators after all) it deserves a post all of it's own. Big thanks go out to Randall the head falconer who was the hostess with mostess on the day.

Photographer Ben Toms
Hair Naoki Komiya
Make Up Lucy Burt

Model Sara Blomqvist @Viva

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anna bo said...

i love this.
i love twin.
and the owl.
and sara.