Saturday, 30 April 2011


ShaWowza what's not to love here ? Tom Selleck everyones fav moustache kicking back in his denim shorts with a cup of decaf in a lagoon with a waterfall and a mystic floating big mac hovering like a rampant little UFO in the background. Seriously who comes up with this stuff? 

It's almost as good as the time i found the Tyrannasaurus Rex being chaperoned by a massive floating Jesus rising up through  the cumulus clouds like the Space rocket swaddled in a white cotton christening robes. 

 Although I have a feeling that this may have been some evangelical imagery about god creating all and evoloution having never happened in the first place, for example..... jesus can make big things too, not just little animals and other humans in his form but he can also create from dust and rain and the heat of the sun and fertile earth, great big enormous thick skinned tusked things, like elephants, big multi-storey toothed things like Dinosaurs, great horned ferocious things like rhinocerous, and swimming slippy things like whales and giant squid..etc....

there are really great references to this in CS Lewis's 'The Last Battle' when the earth starts bubbling like a saucepan of porridge and burps forth all kinds of delightful herbivores, carnivores, reptiles, amphibians......from the bulbous compost blisters. Aslan is god and he creates everything and the new world is dark and silent before he puts his heavy padded paws upon it and sends wave of new life through it like lightening which starts it bubbling and spewing forth animals of all shapes and sizes and everything is born for the first time. All Life starts here.

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