Monday, 25 April 2011


Britney, Nicole, Paris and Lilo, what a guest list. Wowza

Batman and his super gay little sidekick Robina.


My particular all time fav lil Wayne. Leg end. I did a whole blog post about him and my conclusion was this.....

'It's just the cacophony of shit thats going on here, the lip piercing, the tats, the plaster, the jewellery, the dreadlocks, the diamond teef, the raybans, the smoking, the smoking and drinking at the same time. He's like a bull in a china shop in his own body. It kinda blows my mind'.

I am seriously into lil Wayne.

Bush as Mr.Potato head/mad

Obama looking fit as a ginger. Love those freckles like i love train tracks.

Mad is so good, smart and funny and a bit wrong but mostly very very right about important things, tongue in cheek when necessary, blatent when required, exposing in all the right places like a flasher with buckets of integrity. 

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