Thursday, 6 January 2011


.... and here we are now with a brand new squeaky clean year, she's pure as the driven snow, she's a bright new penny in a shallow drain, she's a lamb, with a curly bright white pelt and a soul like a sparkling clean plate straight out of a well salted dishwasher ....ahhh i can do better than that....she's a virgin beauty with alabaster skin like a sea worn stone, smooth and poreless, fresh and lightly salted. She's a face lit up by a cigarette at a party when you're higher than the Empire state and her voice is soft and her skin is honey and she's all letting the smoke crawl out of her mouth and curl around her chin like a girl you saw in a movie once, never left you and here she is now sitting in front of you with her beautiful little collar bones and she's smiling and her eyes are endless and in them they are holding everything, hope, love, glory, the rollercoaster, the theme park of everything in those eyes, Bumper cars, Waltzers, Ghost trains, Pirate ships, Death slides, Candyfloss, Burgers, Mini donuts, Ice cream, Goldfish in a bag, Big wheels....looking down all over it all cross legged on a cloud up there just looking down, searching for this famous two thousand and eleven that everyones talkin about. Ready to take it on with relish.... with chutney, tomato ketchup, mayonaise, butter.... Kerrygold of course, keep it Irish, remember your roots and where you come from. Truth and beauty and all the rest. Come on two thousand and eleven my arms are open my bosom is ample i'm ready for you now. Where have you been all my life?



dude you are so amazing!

petra carter said...

How can anyone NOT love and adore you miss Celestine? xxxxxxxxxxx