Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Fomhar's arrival on the orange carpet
not yet red but turning

dancing like a madman at the front door
hair tips frozen tapping like a bird
on the window
at my ankles with his teeth
like the next door neighbour's dog

face pressed against the glass
fogging it up like a steam train
eyes, big wet stones
teeth, little white bones
like an upside-down graveyard

cool across the bridge of my nose
head bowed down,
to the god light on the back of my neck

Cassius clay in the near
Foreman in the far

praying for mother
punching the god given
daylights out of each other

the Ginger Rogers of Spring
all that grace and swing
the hoy polloy
and high fulluting fluttering feet
around him she goes like a may pole
dancing prancing like a reindeer
red nose dripping

and Autumn there heavy on his feet
'i am the greatest i said it before i even knew i was'
never misses a beat

the biggest horse in the yard
hooves like dinner plates
a whinny that makes the ground shake

slow power
heavy handed

kissing in the end
each others necks

both down now
in the leaves about
having it out
losing and finding
making out
bumping and grinding

then ginger
she just tap dances
right out of the picture
off the frame and down

Fomhar sets out on his wild rampage
and he goes forth like a charger
in the war
like a warrior
a fighter
eyes wild and foaming at the mouth
sides heaving heavy breathing

crashing through
the cobwebs
long grass
dew flying

fondling the chestnuts
groping wildly at the bramleys
the coxs
the granny smiths
sweet young flesh
tender loins

rippling down the sides of his tongue
swallowed gobbled gone
tangy... lip smackingly good

and the carpet turns
to welcome him home
scarlet like the woman
the prodigal son
in his muddy boots
and the holes in socks
that need darning


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