Friday, 29 October 2010


This is Ballyfermot in Dublin where Mary Byrne from X Factor is from. I suppose you could say it's the equivalant of some kids riding ponies bare-back past the 'Iceland' on Mare Street in Hackney. This is pretty normal, happens all the time at one bats an eyelid it's like oh Lidl great let's go and buy a garden shed and a fifteen man tent and some glow in the dark face paints 'oh watch the ponies there kids' and fifteen selection boxes for christmas and why not throw in some veg for the dinner, scented candles, towels, plastic fruit, you need a patio table and chairs it's there....there is nothing these guys don't do, if the price is right it's under their roof. Quite exciting i suppose as you really never know what youre gunna get. Lidl is my dad's favourite shop in the world.

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