Thursday, 15 July 2010


The other day for reasons unknown to myself I was compelled to paint Bambi onto the back of an old green military shirt. So off i went to do some research on Bambi pictures so i could paint the little fella true to his iconic form.

I also watched this clip from the film early on Monday morning and i must say the word cute and everything it stirs up deep within us was created for things like this. It should come with a warning, this clip is actually so cute it will probably cause you pain.

It's okay to feel emotional watching beautifully made kids films like this because it reminds us of our childhood. For me about a minute in, i could smell freshly cut grass and i could see my dad on the lawnmower, and me running around behind him in my bare feet and the sun beating down on my back and the grass all in the air and if like me you had ponies i reckon there will be some pony memories in there too, smelling sweetly of molasses and leather and hay.

The intense memory of my beloved ginger tom cat Frisby came to me a bit later on and i could distinctly remember the weight of him in my arms and then i went looking for pictures and found these...they made me cry.

I loved that cat so much, he was an exquisite comfort to me as a child. He got an earfull of everything that was going on in my young life. He consoled me when i was sad, celebrated my victories, he also agreed that it was never my fault when things went wrong and everyone was blaming me.

Frisby died of Pneumonia in the summer of 1991, i remember when he was sick, getting an electric heater and putting it in front of him in his basket, i heated him half to death thinking if i could get him warm enough i'd just knock that pneumonia right out of his body.

Anyway it didn't work and he died. I buried him wrapped in a red blanket in my pet cemetary where i also buried any local road kill i found on the road beside my house. I painted a big stone with his face and put his name under it for his grave.

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Frances said...

I can relate to your cat story. I've got an orange cat named Charlie who is unfortunately not with me in NYC right now b/c it was easier to have my sister take care of him for the summer.

I miss him! He and I were/are kindred spirits. Even if he chewed up all my earphones.