Thursday, 20 May 2010


So this is Bip, look how hot she is. Her blog is awesome
Bip does cool fun interviews with mega people on her blog including some of my best friends.....
Photo by Jonas Bresnan

like Duffy n Lucy who runs supercool Museum 52 art gallery check out her blog

and harry he's also behind a free quarterly magazine called Bare Bones filled with cool offensive funny clever inspiring things, if Bare bones was a person it would be a criminal and in prison.

She makes genius collages like this PP for Peter Pilotto made out of his runway looks.

My absolute favourite thing is when Bip puts her head and other peoples heads on animal bodies then gives them icecreams and cupcakes and other fun things to hold

I also just got an invite for Bips birthday, it has a hammerhead shark sticker with googly eyes, a glitter pony and shiny hearts on, i dig it. Bip is a pint sized beauty with a BIG personality and i interviewed her here on the Twin blog she's our girl crush No.3

This is Bip's blog it's like free milkshakes and skittles and things with E numbers in.

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