Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well I almost don't quite know what to say about lil wayne, I was doing a search for teef grills because of Katie Eary's ace show during London fashion week and I found lil wayne and his teeth which are paved with real diamonds. I was totally into the plaster on his face too cos it reminded me of Supreme stickers so i did more picture research and his tattoos are out of control. He has an 'I' between his eyes and then 'fear' and 'god' on each eyelid. WOW. There are tear drops, I think maybe for friends in heaven and a smiley face on the inside of his lower lip, misunderstood inscribed on his temple is fairly significant i would say and thats not even the tip of the iceberg that's just his face.

It's just the cacophony of shit thats going on here, the lip piercing, the tats, the plaster, the jewellery, the dreadlocks, the diamond teef, the raybans, the smoking, the smoking and drinking at the same time. He's like a bull in a china shop in his own body. It kinda blows my mind.

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